Poetry Wednesdays: ‘Squirm’


I see you squirming.
Squirming under the debt of your own emotions.
You owe yourself.
You owe yourself the pain.
You owe yourself the self-destruction.
It’s been too long.
The tide can’t be held back.
Wave after wave of spirit rending thoughts,
And I watch.
I watch you falling into the pit of your own head.
I watch you sowing the seeds of your own doubt.
I watch you letting your heart eat you from the inside out.
But what can I do?
I don’t know you.
You know me.
But I don’t know you.
All I have is recognition.
Of that look on your face.
Of that music you’re listening to.
Of that hunch in your shoulders.
And the crushing sensation of a helplessness to help.
I’m searching.
Always searching.
Where is the cure to the disease that is yourself?
Underneath your skin?
Because I can’t help you find it there.
I can see through you but I can’t see within you.
Stop looking at me.
Stop looking at him.
Stop looking at her.
Stop looking in the mirror.
Stop looking.
Stop thinking.
Stop screaming at the wind.
Stop picking at the past with a knife and fork.
Start eating with your hands.
Clean the plate.
And you’ll see.
You’ll see the squirming stop.


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