Poetry Wednesdays: ‘Mistakes’


Tell me, tell me,
Have you ever made a mistake?
Good. Admitting is halfway to fixing.
But just take a minute for my sake,
To think through all the dumb stuff,
And all the poor decisions that you’ve made.

Great. Got them in mind? More than you can count?
Now think about what you’ve learnt from those decisions you’ve denounced.
What did you learn about yourself? How did they make you change?
Because every second of our lives alters the universe’s frame.

Every time we look at the birds in the sky or that one guy’s nostril hairs.
How we view the universe shifts, and that viewpoint isn’t shared.
Everyone sees everything differently,
that’s the majesty of individuality,
that’s the beauty of you being you and me being me,
Because my viewpoint, my frame, will help me notice things that you do not see.
And vice versa and vice versa, till we educate each other,
And our viewpoints evolve with everything that we discover.

So we’ve got bad decisions and how they changed you, that’s a good start.
Now count how many negative changes to you, those mistakes have begun to impart.
Count how many times that you think your heart has been poisoned instead of strengthened by the mistakes of the past.

I’ll place a bet and say that the answer is between zero and five.
And for each of those decisions that changed you negatively inside,
You’ve learnt twenty more positive lessons as a result – and besides,
Name me a person with no skeletons that they would prefer to hide.

The point I’m making is that mistakes are not shameful.
Not if you view them as a learning curve that’s just a little less graceful.
Mistakes are human nature.
They’re how we grow better.
They’re the bread and butter of development.
They’re the foundations of being clever.

Mistakes are an issue when you choose not to learn from them,
So don’t get stuck in your ways.
Always be willing to learn and develop into a new, much better phase.

Become someone that you don’t judge anymore.
Because if there’s anything to be happy about,
It’s that you, are something the world has never seen before.


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